Scary Lady!


Jeans - TK Maxx  Jumper - TK Maxx  Boots - eBay  Headband - Topshop  Cross Neckalce - Burton  Black lipstick - BarryM at Boots

I'm so sorry i haven't blogged in like forever, I've just being so busy! Especially because on Tuesday i turned 17! Yes another year older! Had a really lovely birthday though, my best friend slept on Monday night, and it was like a young sleepover again, taking hilarious photo's, playing charades and stop the bus, (only Abbie will get this!;). Then on Tuesday my other bestie came round and we went for a lovely meal. Might i just add this was like one of the very first times i wore heels!! They were more in a boot style though, so a lot easier to walk in, but still it's an achievement. Then bumped into my other friend who I've known basically all my life! They all came back to mine and we had cake, (that my auntie made) Black forest gateau, it was heaven let me tell you! Then had a laugh watching music channels because non of them like my type of music, i love old songs from the 50's right upto the 90's and a few from now, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Maroon 5, Reverend and the makers etc. My all time favourite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers. Look at me rambling on, anyways for my birthday i got money from my mom and dad and a purse, candle, temporary tattoos and earrings from my brother. From friends some earrings and a purse, ankle socks, nail varnish and ted baker makeup brushes. I've already spent some of my money on yet again CLOTHES! So i will do another post showing you my presents and what i've bought! :)

Anyways onto the outfit post. I wore this yesterday cause i went into town with my daddy, dragging him vintage shopping on West and Division Street. One of my favorite vintage shops is Cow which i just adore! I would so love to work there! i bought this jumper the other day with my money, as my momma said it's my catchphrase on a jumper hehe. I paired it with my black/grey skinny jeans and white patent boots. I have so many different styles, but i always seem to focus more on one of them everytime, so i seem to be really into the gothic look at the moment, so i went and bought some black lipstick, my mum went crazy like woah you're not wearing that, but when she saw it on me it grew on her hehe. I love it so much, think its my new favourite, I'm very daring with my choice of makeup, clothes and accessories, the more outrageous the better in my opinion! Quite a few people have asked me where i got it from so I've put it on here. So i applied the black lippy and added this black gothic headband. This is one of my favourite looks for sure! I've being called scary quite a lot actually, i can't even think why?.. ;).

What are your thoughts on black lipstick?

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