American Apparel + week away in Little Hampton


Skirt - American Apparel  Vest - M&S  Socks - American Apparel  Leather cuff - Shop in Brighton  Watch - Marc Jacobs

About 2 weeks ago me mumma and dad went to Little Hampton for respite as I have being diagnosed with a condition that unfortunately cannot be cured resulting in me having it for life. I've not being well for years and I've talked about it on here before about them thinking it was mental illness which now is not the case, the anxiety and depression is part of this illness that I've apparently had for a while just no one has being able to diagnose it till now!  It's called Pots and it's basically that your circulation doesn't work, so your heart doesn't pump the blood around your body as it should, so it makes me pass out ALOT, it makes me exhausted for ages. just walking round for 1 hour can tire me out for days, it also sometimes causes me to be unconscious and have seizures when I pass out. It also affects all my digestion system because the blood is not being pumped round your body so your not getting it to your stomach, therefore I cannot digest my food properly so have to eat gluten free food cause it's apparently easier to digest I'm yet to feel that much difference but we'll see. I'm also lactose intolerant so cannot have a lot of tasty foods like pizza :( I also have anaemia which is low iron which also tires you out and can make you faint, it also drains all your colour, I'm usually an olive colour and now I'm so pale :(  How much bad luck can one person get! Least I got my looks right? ;)

Anyways sorry for rambling on! While we were in Little Hampton we visited Brighton, somewhere I've always wanted to go and I have to say it completely exceeded my expectations, it was so picturesque with the pebble beach, gorgeous colourful beach huts and the striking Brighton pier! Apart from taking in the gorgeous view on the sea front we of course went shopping! If you've never being to Brighton I urge you to go asap! They have some lovely independent shops and stalls and cute little sandwich shops all on little streets which are called The Lanes, they are definitely worth a visit! While walking around I spotted an American Apparel which of course I had to go in since they don't have one in Sheffield, we are so very deprived! I picked up this red pencil or midi skirt whatever you wish to call it which I think accomplishes the vintage look I'm so very fond of. Now I never buy bodycon skirts because I'm so skinny and have a boyish figure (straight up and down, no curves) that they never do anything for me apart from highlight that fact, but this is an XXS which I think is like a size 4 equivalent so it actually gives me some shape yay! Whenever I go in American Apparel I always pick up a pair of their calf high socks, they're so well made and very comfy, definitely worth £8! I picked the blue and red stripe obviously to match the skirt. I also bought a 50s style dress from a shop which I cannot remember the name of but I think it was only a little independent one, I'll feature that on one of my next posts. 
A few photos from Brighton below!

Wow look how much I've rambled on, I'll stop now before I bore you all to your death! :O


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