New Bikini and body confidence post!


Bikini - eBay

I got this gorgeous bikini from eBay! I've seen this on so many clothes websites but I looked for it on eBay and found it loads cheaper! £7.99!! The bottoms are my absolute favourite! 

Now this post was obviously about the bikini, but also about body confidence! I know I will probably get some slack for this post but I don't care! I am a very skinny minny yes but through no fault of my own, well I am pretty poorly so lose weight all the time but I do not do it on purpose! I am naturally skinny anyway! Now I decided to post this because there's always lots of body confidence things for larger ladies saying love your curves and be proud of your body no matter what you weigh! But when skinny girls post photos of their bodies trying to be proud all hell breaks loose, saying we're too skinny, or we're showing off! Well yes we are showing off cause we are proud of our bodies, if curvy woman have the right to be proud of their bodies then shouldn't skinny women get the same right!? of course they should, we come in all shapes and sizes and should all be proud of our bodies no matter what! 

P.s I got a bit carried away with the photo's and legit felt like a swimwear model, which is something I'd love to shoot!


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