Daisy Street Evil Eye Dress!


Dress - Daisystreet.co.uk  Boots - New Look  Ankle socks - Topshop

Can we all just take a second to admire this stunning dress! I won it in a Daisy Street twitter competition and i'm just over the fricken moon! I mean just look at it! This post is going to be about Daisy Street, which if you didn't know is an online shop, it is FABULOUS! Everything they have is to DIE for! I'd had my eye on this dress as soon as it came out (haha get it, eye!;) So when i noticed they had a competition to win it then of course i was going to enter it! I can't believe i won it! I don't really see myself as a very lucky person, but so far i've won this one and a Missguided one, not bad eh! Anyways they only announced the winners yesterday and i received the dress this morning, so happy! I've ordered quite a few things from them and always being so impressed! Everything has always come on time, even when it was really outrageous snow, it still arrived!! PLEASE go and check them out or you'll regret it!, like i said everything they have is outstanding and the prices are really good too! 

Now i decided to go really edgy with this and paired with some black chunky stud ankle boots, messy hair, lots of chunky rings, massive hoop earrings and of course some black lipstick! 

I hope you've took in what I've said and go check them out! Here
And get the dress Here


Lois-Rose xo

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  1. looks great on you!! I love it xx

  2. This dress looks gorgeous on you! I love your lipstick too x


  3. I love your dress and boots <3

    UK High Street Fashion

  4. One should be very brave to wear such dress and such lipstick! Bravo girl! :)


  5. Amazing dress! You have such a cool style!
    - Charlotte

  6. love this dress!! perfect length :)

    1. I know, Daisy Street have lush dresses! xo

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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