OOTD! Disco pants and new beanie


Disco pants - TK Maxx  Top - Primark  Coat - New Look  Boots - M&S  Beanie - eBay

This outfit was actually from like 3 days ago! I put these Disco pants on with this Peplum daisy top and these black western type boots. It was freezing out so i threw on this fur coat/jacket. Now for the finale, my new Beanie/Bobble hat YAY! Been searching for one of these for ages then finally game across this bright yellow one on ebay, i was over the bloody moon! It was Hong Kong, so i was a bit skeptical on whether it would come or not, but it did and in 10 days aswell, which is pretty good! I'm in love with it, Think it maybe surgically attached to my head from now on ;).

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  1. love this look! the disco pants and the top look great together :) x

  2. Thanks sweetie :) sorry for late reply only just seen it going through my comments xo


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