OOTN Purple flower skirt


Skirt - New Look  Tights - New Look  Body - Dorothy Perkins  Shoes - Freemans  Belt - New Look

This was last nights outfit, we went out to the pub with some friends. Obviously i'm a true girl at heart and love a chance to get dressed up, so i took it ;). I put this purple flower puffball type skirt on, it's fab, it feels so light and it looks so pretty!:). I paired with these diamond patterned tights and a plain black body. I added a black belt to accentuate my waist and for the shoes these converse type heels. (Probably one of the highest heels you'll see me in;) To finish off i added some pink lipstick, did my full fringe and used salt spray on my hair to make it go wavy/curly. 

P.s Some of these shots were just impulse (crazy;). Also I'm gonna do another blog post on Salt spray to showcase my love for it and let you know where i get it :)

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