Salt spray


I said a bit ago that i was going to do a post about salt spray so here it is!

Salt spray - SuperDrug

I absolutely swear by this stuff, it's Genius in a bottle! And at just £2 you can't go wrong! I can be really lazy and sometimes don't like to do anything with my hair, sometimes don't even put a brush through it ;). So that's where the salt spray comes in, if your in a rush, or just can't be bothered to do your hair like me, then this is the answer. You just spray it onto your hair and scrunch the bits of hair up that you've sprayed, then let them drop, when it's dried it will go wavy/curly depending on what your hairs like. This usually works better when you spray it on damp hair. I have posted a picture below of the salt spray and the end result.

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  1. Ib been looking for some of this stuff everywhere! didnt know they sold it in superdrug haha :-) looks great on your hair and for £2 i might have to try some :) x x

    1. I know, me too! And finally came across this one, thankyou:) i would try it, it's actually really good! :) x x


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