Birthday Post!


This post is about what i got for my birthday and also some of the things I've bought. (I'll list where they're from if i know).


Shoes  from my mom and dad - New look

Purse from Abbie - Topshop

 Purse from mom and dad - I don't actually know where from.

Eyeshadow set from my mums friend - Don't know where from.

 Candle  from my brother - Next. So happy mum finally let me have one, she never trusted me with one before :/ haha.

Ankle socks from Rhiannon - Topshop

Temporary Tattoo's from my brother - Not sure.

 Nail Varnish from Rhiannon - Topshop

 Earrings from brother - Dorothy Perkins 

Ring from mom and dad - Not sure.

Earrings from Abbie - Topshop

So happy with all my presents, they're lovely! I got money from my mom and dad and the rest of my family, here's some of things I've bought.

                             Dress -

 Cat ear pearl headband - eBay

OMG Jumper - TK Maxx

Top and Shorts - Cow

Dungarees - Cow 

Lipstick, black and like a dark plum - BarryM at Boots

Sterling silver hoop earrings - eBay

Soap & glory bright here bright now - Boots

Hamsa hand necklace - eBay

Midi dress - I've been wanting a midi dress for ages now, i already have one but it's short sleeve and i wanted a long sleeve, so i found this London to Paris one on Daisystreet and had to have it, i also got 10% off which is always good. I definitely recommend checking Daisystreet out, they have the most amazing dresses and shoes!

Headband - I first saw this headband on Pixie Lott and instantly fell in love with it, it's so out there and quirky.

Jumper - I came across this in TK Maxx and my mum was like that's your catchphrase on a jumper, so of course i had to buy it.

Crop top, shorts and dungarees - I dragged my dad vintage shopping the other day and one of my favourite vintage shops is Cow, i must have being in there for an hour at least. But at last i found these pinstripe shorts, tie dye crop top and these baggy dungarees which are definitly a favourite!

Lipsticks - I was in boots looking for a new plum lippy because my other one all melted, so i found this BarryM one which is lovely, then i saw this black and really wanted to try it, my momma didn't approve at first but it grew on her hehe.

Hoop earrings - My ears have started to get sore so i needed a proper pair of silver earrings, so after searching on eBay, found these 50mm ones, perfect!

Soap & Glory bright here bright now - I saw a makeup artist post this saying it gives such a smooth and flawless complexion and i'd also heard so many good reviews about it, so decided to give it ago, and i'm not disappointed it's really good! I either apply it as a moisturizer when my face needs a good energy boost, or mix it into my makeup. I definitely recommend it!

Hamsa hand necklace - I have being after one of these for ages, they look so cool and they are suppose to keep away evil spirits and give you positiveness, if you believe in all that. Anyway i found this one on eBay. 

What do you think of my purchases, which ones your favourite? :)

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  1. Love the dungarees and tie dye top! Hope you had a lovely birthday! xx

    1. Aw yeah, how lush right!? And aw thankyou, yes I did! :)xo


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