Vintage newspaper print nails!


I absolutely love this vintage newspaper effect for your nails, I've been doing it for a while now and thought i'd share it with you, so here it goes.

1. Firstly, I applied this Virgin Vie base coat to my nails, but any base coat will do. Let this dry.

2. Next apply some grey nail polish it needs to be a light grey, so i used this grey Barry M mixed with a white to make a lighter grey. Apply this to your nails, let them dry. 
So they look like this.

3.Then apply a bit of hand sanitizer over each nail.

4. Next get some newspaper (chose a bit that has just writing on)

5. Take the newspaper and put it over the nail you have applied the hand sanitizer too. Press down for about 15-20 seconds, then remove slowly. Do this for every nail.

6. After you have finished putting the newspaper on every nail, take your base coat and apply over each nail again to make them smooth and glossy.

 And this is the end result!

Hope you liked this little tutorial
Leave me some comments(:


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