Socks mad!


Haven't done an outfit post in a few days, so i thought i'd showcase my love for knee high and over the socks with you all! I have about 27 pairs, but couldn't be bothered to photograph them all today, so i'll post some more tomorrow! 
P.s ignore my horrible muscly legs, that's what you get from doing gymnastics most of your life! 

1. Knee high american football socks - TK Maxx

2. Over the knee blue and black striped socks - Market in Cornwall

3. Snowflake socks - Primark

4. Black and white stripey socks - Fearne Cotton at Very

5. Over the knee rainbow socks - New Look

6. Grey lace knee high socks - Primark

7. Over the knee socks - Fearne Cotton at Very

8.  Blue over the knee socks - Fearne Cotton at Very

9. Pink and black knee high socks - Primark


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