Top 10 eBay Picks!


I absolutely love internet shopping! I really love eBay fashion outlet because it has so many unique, quirky, vintage and one of a kind things at really good prices as well. You can find some really good bargains. So i thought i'd share my top 10 picks with you.

1. I came across these cut out bow jeans on an American site and they were quite expensive so i looked for them on eBay and luckily for me they have them at only £10.92 yes that's right! And the postage is free, they are from China so they would take a while, but at least the price is good! Get them here!

2. I have been completely obsessed with these since i saw them in Zara but the price was a tad out of my budget to say the least! So again searched for them on eBay and came across this one, they have them in quite a lot of colours, but there's only a few left, i am in love with this stone one! The price is £16.99 with £2.99 postage, still a great price compared to how much they are at some places. Get them here!

3. Well i have been looking for a necklace with my Name on for ages, but ofcourse there has never been one, because my name isn't very common over here, so again looked on eBay and they have this vintage pendant one, i love the style of it. They have all different names. When i typed my name in, it actually came up with lots of different silver pendant jewellery called Lois Hill how about that. Anyways get them here!

4. I was looking at trench coats on eBay and came across this beautiful blazer type coat with leather sleeves, i fell in love with it, it's originally from Zara but ofcourse out of my budget so on here it's £34.95 with postage £3.99. Definitely on my Christmas list. Get them here!

5. Having had a taste of the horrible weather to come, it seems us girls are already searching for out perfect winter coat to keep us snug and warm through the harsh winter. I really want a fur coat, and i came across this longish, vintage, beige faux fur one, similar to the one seen on the stunning Kate Moss.(isn't she gorgeous!) it is exactly what i have been looking for, and at a price of £39.99 with postage at £2.99 you can't go wrong, considering how much they are in the shops. Definitely getting this for Christmas or my birthday, which is just under 2 months after Christmas! Get them here!

6. Another thing i'm after is some studded biker boots, again a lot of money so i turned to eBay and found these beauties at just £29.99 with postage at £2.99 They are totally worth it! As you can see they have these 5 styles to choose from, my personal favourite is the black ones in the top left. Another thing for my Christmas or Birthday list. Get them here!

7. I like to be creative and edgy with the things i wear, that's why i love mesh things, and i came across these mesh tight leggings. If your not as daring as to wear all mesh then these are perfect, as the black non see through material tones it down and keeps it safe while the bit of mesh still gives you that slight edge. The price is £3.48 with the postage free. Get them here!

As my last post was about mesh, i came across these PU leather mesh ones, which i also love at £3.87 and postage free. Get them here!

8. I have been wanting an ear cuff for ages, but of course i wanted a big stand out edgy one, i saw one of these on an American site and it was like £15! So again turned to eBay and found these ones, they have a few different styles but my favourites are the snake and the dragon. They are just £1.55 each with free postage. Get them here!

9. Sadly my peace necklace broke *cries* So i searched peace necklace on eBay and came cross this retro jeweled one, it's stunning and at just £0.99 with postage at £0.39 it's definitely a must have! Get them here! 

There is also this one i came across, the price is £1.67 with the postage free. Here!

10. I saw someone post one of these on instragram and i instantly fell in love! It's so out there and edgy, an item to really get people talking. If you love this as much as i do, get it here!

There you go, that was my top 10 picks from eBay for you lovelies, hope you love them as much as i do!


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