Spotty tights and hotpants!


Shorts - Primark  Body - New Look  Tights - Primark  Boots - eBay

I got these tights the other day and wasted no time in showing them off, i love them, they are so out there and quirky. I Paired these with my black body and dare i say, tiny hotpants;). Which are actually a bit big so i put on a black stud belt. To finish off i added my white boots, and a locket necklace. For the makeup i did my eyes dark therefore added a bright pink to compliment that.

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  1. hey lois! i dont know if you remember me but i used to do gymnastics with you, im caitlin btw hahah! :) i love your blog and i have one just like it :) i found your link of facebook :)
    btw love the outfit and you look gorgeous xxx

    1. Hello Caitlin, yes ofcourse i remember you! How you doing?(: Okiedokies i'll be sure to check it out! Aw thankyou sweetie!:)xxx


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