More Issues Than Vogue!



Sweatshirt - eBay  Shorts - River Island  Shoes - Garage Shoes  Rings - Primark  

I would firstly like to start off by saying I AM NOW 18! WOOOO!

Anyways, this blogpost is to showcase my new sweatshirt! I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it, plus it's perfect for me cause I do have alot of different issues!! HAHA! I first saw it on a website, but I thought it would be cheaper on eBay, which it was! So my brother bought it me for my birthday bless him(:
I paired it with these boyfriend shorts that I bought in the sale at River Island, I actually really liked the belt which came with the shorts, so bonus! Obviously put tights underneath as it's so bloody cold atm. For the shoes I chose these flats, which were £15 from Garage shoes, GET IN! They look like the Vivienne Westwood ones which I LOVE! 

P.s. I apologise for for the lack of quality in these photo's, the website I usually edit on is down atm, which is so frustrating because it's the best one by far! Hope it's back up and running soon or I'll cry!


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