Man i feel like a woman.


Bodysuit - Missguided  Skirt - Missguided  Boots - Matalan  Belt - New Look  Necklace - Burton

Like I said in my last post, I haven't blogged in ages, being so busy and was on holiday, but I'm going to make sure I start blogging more.

I'd being after one of these bodysuits for ages, but obviously it's very revealing so i kept holding off on ordering it, but eventually took the plunge ( ha ha get it ;) and went for it. I absolutely love it, but get scared when wearing it, incase i reveal a little too much, but hey that's what tit tape is for(;
Anyways I paired it with velvet skater skirt, from Missguided, they are one of my favourite online clothing sites, everything they have are so lush and good prices too! If you haven't you definitely need to check them out!
Now onto these boots, ooo I've have also being wanting some of these too, but all the ones I've seen had the toe cut out and I'm not too keen on those, so actually found these in matalan, love the cut out on the heel and they are so easy and comfy to walk in, new fave!

I've being working at the charity shop and yesterday was pretty dead, so basically just sorted through all the new stock and came across a LUSH kimono, it's very vintage looking and is full length YESSSSS! with slits up the side, I cannot even express how happy i was! Yes clothes make me very very happy, they are my one true love! I will do a post about that soon.


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  1. Great outfit! Want to follow each other on Bloglovin? Let me know!



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