Kimono Crazy.


Kimono - Charity shop  Shorts - Cow  Top - Matalan  Boots - eBay  Earrings - Topshop  

This outfit was from aaaaages ago! I said in my last post, I work at a charity shop and It's a really good one, they get really good labels, even designer ones! As I've said before, I love charity shops, so working in one and being able to sort through all the stock and getting first dibs is ace! I'd being wanting a kimono for ages, but the ones in the shops are all so modern and generally short, where as I wanted a proper vintage looking one and long in length too. So when i found this beauty I was literally on cloud nine! (Yes clothes make me very happy!) It was originally from John Lewis and started off in the charity shop for £20, then went down to £7 and I got it for £5! What makes me even happier is grabbing a good bargain! It's a size M and I'm a XS, so a pretty big difference, but I'm loving really long baggy things atm so it's fine. You can tell it's vintage because of the big shoulder pads it has, which I'm not too keen on, so I think I shall take them out. This kimono has a real grunge feel so I thought I'd go with that and pair it with these vintage cut offs, a Blondie top and white patent boots, which is all very 90s, so I did my hair in the half up half down top knot to match. 


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