Lush New jeans and tee!


Jeans - TK Maxx  Tee - TK Maxx  Creepers - Barratts  Beanie - eBay  Necklace - Burton  Red bracelet - Dorothy Perkins

Hello, hope you've all had a good weekend!:)
This post is to showcase my new items yay! 
I went shopping with my Momma on saturday, we went to TK Maxx and after ages searching in the sale i finally came across these black/grey jeans and this baggy tee, well it was love at first sight let me tell you ;-). I ran straight off to the changing rooms and tried the beauts on! The jeans fit like a glove, so i had to get them because jeans never fit me, they're always too baggy, but TK Maxx do really small sizes which benefits me nicely. Next the top, it's actually a large, but they didn't have any other size and i wanted it that bad i didn't care,  anyhow tee's look better baggy in my opinion. 

I paired the jeans and tee with some black ankle socks, red creepers and a black beanie, also added some rings, a red bracelet and some dark red/purple lipstick, which is like my favourite at the moment. 

What's your new purchases? xo

P.s Just as i'm writing this my new peace tights from Missguided have arrived yay, will do a post with them shortly. I'll put a link of them for you.

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