Christmas Joys


Tee - Primark  Skirt - Topshop  Boots - H&M  Bag - Missguided

This post was to show you my outfit i wore for Christmas day, which was infact all the presents i received that day. Now i do realize how late this post is, apologies for that, just haven't got round to doing it. Better late then never though ey? ;). Anyways my mumma bought me this top which was from Primark i think. Now i had being after a black skater skirt for ages, and my best friend knew this and bought me one i absolutely love it and all the other gifts she got me! Which were some bracelets and Cheryl Cole book. My other best friend got me some earrings which i have never had out, and the coolest pen i have ever seen, it's a moustache pen! As she knows i have an obsession with them, it's seriously uh-mazing! They're both bloody wonderful and i love them to bits! hehe:). Now onto the boots, mmm the boots, on Christmas eve we all went into town, and i came across these beauties in H&M, and couldn't wait till after Christmas to go back and get them, cause they only had 2 left, they were £15 pound in the sale, that's right 15! BARGAIN! Onto the big shopper bag, ahh i had being lusting after one of these for ages! So when i came across this one on Missguided, i had to have it! So my nan and grandad bought it me for Christmas. I'm seriously obsessed with Missguided at the moment, ordered so many things, they're just so lush and good prices, i mentioned this in a post before but seriously go take a look! Again i'll put the link below. 

So onto my other Christmas prezzies, My auntie and uncle bought me an Audrey Hepburn calender which is just FAB, as literally everyone that knows me will know that I love Audrey and Marilyn Monroe so much! They are both all over my room hehe. Getting slightly off subject here, anways my mom and dad got me an SLR Camera which also has a big flash thing on the top. I have been after one for ages, makes my outfit posts so much better yay! They also got me a cream and black fur gilet which is gorgeous! And a long soft bed shirt which i almost always have on, as it's just so comfy! My other auntie and uncle, and nan gave me money, with which i bought a laaaarvely fur coat and some heated rollers. This Christmas was one of the best and i got everything i'd hoped for hehe! 

P.s Ignore my horrible bulgy arms. I always usually prefer longer sleeved tops, or just so it covers the top of my arms, As i used to be a gymnast and i have big muscly arms which i hate, they always stick out when i stretch them.  

What were your favourite Christmas gifts? :)

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  1. aww love your outfit!! I have been obsessed with miss guided too, they have such lovely stuff in lately :-) xxx

  2. Thank you :) and I know, ordered so many things from there a lately and I've being eyeing up some more things and with my birthday in less than a month, it's meant to be ;) xoxo


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