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Jumper - eBay  Trousers - TK Maxx  Shoes - New Look

Hello everyone! I Haven't being on in ages, so since my last posts, i now have a short fringe and finally got my nose pierced woo!
Anyways, hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and got everything you hoped for.
I got lots of lovely clothes, because as we all know they are my favourite thing!
So I'll have lots of blogposts coming with all my new items yay!

For the first one i decided to do it on this outfit, and every single item is new.
I knew about all my clothes because I like to chose my own. These trousers are a bit like disco pants but they're leather look ones instead, I love that they're highwaisted, gives them a vintage feel and they are really flattering. I got these from TK Maxx which as we all know is one of my favourite shops! 

Now onto my jumper! HOW LUSH!? Just look at it and take in it's beauty! 
I first saw this jumper on an American website, think it was something like $50, so I went straight onto eBay and typed it in on the off chance they may have it and they did, it ended up being like 8 pound something from China, TOTAL BARGAIN! It's one size so it fits from an 8-12, which is okay cause i love baggy things. This jumper caught my attention straight away because it's really unusual and quirky one off items are my thang.

My shoes are from New Look, I've never being able to save up for Doc Martens because there's always so many clothes items I want and i just end up buying more converse. I'm not that bothered about having the proper things atm, who knows I may save up in the future without spending it beforehand but probably not(; So yeah, saw these in New Look, they are so lovely! Patent black and the bottom is grey and glittery. They should have being £30 but they was on special promotion at £15, so obviously I snapped them up, I'm a pro at finding bargains! 

I never usually wear much makeup, just tinted moisturiser, a bit of blusher and lipstick, always have to wear a lipstick, i feel naked without. But today i decided to go for a full vintage look with the eyes too, by doing elegant cat eye flicks, really thick fluttery lashes and of course red lipstick. I bought a new gel liner and I find they are the best, more accurate and easy to apply and a new mascara. (I'll do a post with all the new makeup i bought recently). For the hair i just clipped it up at the back and made it into a messy beehive.


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