OOTN Ball dress dressed down!


Dress - Lipsy  Top - Matalan  Socks - TK Maxx  Boots - Marks and Spencer  Bowler hat - H&M

This was last nights outfit, i went to my friends 18th Birthday party. I'm not really into the party scene or dressing up really girly, but decided to make an effort, my mum wanted me to put this dress on i had for my Christmas Ball at school. I was really reluctant to wear it at first as i thought it was too dressy. In the end i decided to put it on, but dressed it down by putting a black tee underneath and a blazer, adding some black thigh socks, black western boots and a bowler hat. I have to wear my glasses all the time now as i am literally blind without them *Crys* I like them and everything but i don't like wearing them all the time, think i may see about getting some contact lenses. Anyways the party was actually really good, and surprisingly i actually enjoyed myself. I'm painting myself out to be a right bore, i'm just not really good with social situations.

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