Modelling for Brag Vintage


All these items are from Brag Vintage apart from the red blouse which is my own.

I apologise for not posting in aaaages! Someone took over my blog and I couldn't get on it! Absolute idiot! Anyway it's sorted now and my website is now back with it's rightful owner yay!

Finally got round to doing this post! It's the photos from when I modelled for Brag Vintage for their summer range. The photoshoot was so much fun and the photos were taken outside their warehouse, which I felt was a lot more relaxed and gave the photos more of an edgy vintage feel. I was so pleased with how the photo's came out and they put some on the website which was exciting! I'm absolutely obsessed with everything vintage so I was in my element modelling vintage clothes! My favourite outfit was the white blouse with the black mom jeans. I definitely urge you to check out their website if you're a vintage lover, you won't be disappointed. They have also now opened a shop which is on 33 High Street city centre Sheffield. Oh. I'm also shooting their autumn/winter range next Sunday which I'm excited about :)).


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