Outfits from holiday!


Cream dress - TK Maxx  Playsuit - Motel Rocks  Converse - Schuh  Jeans - TK Maxx  Blouse - New Look  Fur coat - Matalan  Boots - New Look  Hamsa hand necklace - eBay  Hair bow - Claires  Bindi - eBay

About 2 weeks ago we went to Newquay for a few days, these are some of my outfits i wore there. The first and second day was freezing! So i wore my jeans and fur coat for the second night to keep me warm! On the third day it was absolutely boiling hot! We went to the beach and i fell asleep in the sun, bad idea, i was burnt to a crisp! :/ That night we was meeting friends and seeing a live band, so i went for this cream dress as it keeps me cool and it's so cute! I only packed one pair of shoes which was my black converse, because they just go with every outfit. The next day again was boiling so i chose my new playsuit, it has gorgeous colours and it feels so light on so it was perfect in the hot sun! I bought some bindi's off ebay, i just really love them, so decided to put a pinky one on to match this outfit.
This post was just about my outfits, I'm going to do another post all about Newquay and photo's from it(:

P.s I apologize for the different sized images, i usually make them the same size, but i didn't have my tripod so they were all taken from different angles and some closer than others. 

Lo x

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  1. Amazing outfits! I love the fist dress!

    Emma x


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